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Business Brokers Network (Aust-Wide)

       Business Brokers Network Australia is a network of Licenced Business Brokers working together to provide Buyers and Sellers a greater range of choice. If you want to sell your business, you have more Business Brokers working for you to sell your business. 

If you are wanting to buy a business, a BBN Business Broker will search for a business and if required will check with other BBN Business Brokers for a business that is right for you.

Some owners of small businesses are temped to minimise taxation by not putting all income through the books. Many years ago this was thought to be a clever way to run a business. Today it is simply more efficient and straight forward to show all income and expenses.

Today it is easier than ever to have a good set of books set up and maintained. If you cannot read financial reports go talk to a Book keeper an Accountant, a Bank Manager a Financial Business Coach or sometimes the best unbiased free advice you will get from a AIBB Business Broker.



Business Brokers Network Australia

GPO Box 2068  
Brisbane , Qld  4001

Head Office - 1300 33 18 14
We are always out and about, always use this Mobile Number first  0412 761 810
Phone:   07 3890 0407 or 1300 33 18 14
Fax:       07 3890 0407



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