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Je5469m Cafe, Coffee Shop, Restaurant

Business for Sale
Dunsborough WA

COFFEE -By The Sea The Ultimate – Resort Lifestyle DUNSBOROUGH CAFÉ…


JE5469M Cafe, coffee shop, restaurant

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Years Est:
Gross Revenue:
 Try And Find A Better Lifestyle Or Safer Business

- Resort Town Lifestyle
- Gross Profit – 68%
- Historical Sales Growth
- Growth Potential – automatic growth
- Ultra-modern Premises – long lease
- Exclusive Coffee
- Early Close – 3.30pm
- Fishing and Boating In Calm Waters

SALES: $594,090
NET PROFIT: $121,560
GROSS PROFIT: $405,565
SALES PRICE: $270,000


...What’s the one thing a buyer wants to know most of all when looking to buy a business?

You’re right! - It’s proof that it profits and it will keep on profiting after you’ve bought it no matter what the economic conditions or how conservatively the present owner runs the business.

What every buyer wants is a demonstration of success.

And that’s what is being offered here – It’s a business that runs to a well-established formula and has built in growth.


…Nothing Has Been Able To Put A Dent In Its Historical Sales Growth!

There’s no doubt about it – this exclusive business has continued to grow despite the GFC economic downturn, the reduction in advertising, the early closing at 3.30pm on most days and NO Sunday trading which makes this not only the best all cash lifestyle business, but also the safest business you’ll ever find.

We say safe, because the new owner has the potential to substantially increase profits by applying little effort. For example:simply deploying staff to open and run the business on Sundays combined with extending the closing time could is one area that could substantially increase profit. However, when you read our highly detailed business report you will clearly see many other avenues for expansion without the need to extend the trading hours.


…and that’s precisely what’s beenhappening year in–year out despite the economic downturn and the current owner’s conservative management style of running the business.

And even if the new owner simply opts to keep the business the way it is, the steadily increasing popularity of the southwest as a place to live, work and holiday means the business will benefit from a growth in population and thus demand.

As previously mentioned, this is a high quality business meeting customer preferences which has made it a strongly performing business that can boast it has never experienced a downturn in trade – not evenduring turbulent economic times.

It’s a perfect combination of lifestyle and profit with the business growing in leaps and bounds – Just look at the average sales graph above.


Self-propelled sales are directly attributed to population growth in the town. It’s a well-known fact; besides people wanting to retire in coastal resort towns such as this, others living in the Perth metropolitan area want to escape the traffic jams, crime and stress that come from living a life of hell in the metro area.

Becausethe business is totally unique in this coastal resort town only two and a half hours from Perth the new owner will buy this business with the knowledge of knowing all the hard work has been done and can now set about increasing the true potential of future.

While popular with tourists it also boasts a long-established clientele numbering some 350 repetitive customers comprised of locals and regular holidaymakers.

Known to be one of the leading Cafes of its type in the region, the new owner need simply follow the business’s proven systems, as staff look after the business when the owner is not in attendance, which unlike other businesses, means the current owners can take holidays throughout the year.

Situated in an ideal location within a stone’s throw from the beach front reserve, the business will impress the most fastidious buyer with its superbly modern fit-out and with ample street-side parking.


This business commenced operations some 6 years ago and has been owned and operated by the current owner since inception. As the business grew, it introduced new lines to further develop its positioning as a unique business that sets itself apart from competitors.


(1) Systems in Place to Run and Manage

This is a common sense business where the owners need to apply good communication to the customers who visit the premises.

(2) Massive Gross Profit Margin Of 68%

Such high margins only come from low competition businesses.

(3) Long established – 6 years

Evidence of this is that the business has historically reflected substantial growth with no marketing plan or large advertising budget.

(4) New long term lease can be granted for approved buyer

(5)Low competition

Unique Style and products mean there is little real competition in the town.

(7) Barriers to market entry

(8) Low advertising

The business is in the fortunate position it does not require a large advertising budget to generate sales but has the option of utilising advertising and promotion as one avenue of increasing sales if that is a strategy they wish to pursue.           

(9) Perfect Business - In The Perfect Resort Township

This Dunsborough Cash-Flow business is ideally situated in the popular internationallyrenowned Margaret River tourist region, the business draws on both a transient and local client base. A base of about 350 regular customers and the town’s organic growth can only reflect low risk for the new buyer.  

(10) Easy Trading Hours   

Monday to Friday closing at around 3:30pm (Saturday close at 3.00pm). This means there is ample time to enjoy the natural beauty of the local beaches, fishing and what the world renowned area offers.

(11) Long Term Historical Growth

The last two years have recorded approximately 16 percent growth for each consecutive year despite the economic down turn. This is due to the business’s excellent location and the town’s rapid population growth.

(12) Huge Potential To Expand Profits

By clicking on the recent news articles about the area, you’ll quickly realise the future increase in population is about to blitz the profit you are buying the business on.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! - Lifestyle – Profit – Ease Of Operation and the opportunity to live longer without the big city stress. Change your life for the better and reserve your copy of our 70 page business report on this outstanding business today.

Email Me now and I will give you along with other registered buyers a 7 day lead time prior to the business being advertised to the general public.

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JE5469M Cafe, coffee shop, restaurant

Je5469m Cafe, Coffee Shop, Restaurant

Dunsborough, Bunbury - Albany - South Coast, WA Business for Sale $270,000

COFFEE -By The Sea The Ultimate – Resort Lifestyle DUNSBOROUGH CAFÉ…

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