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Mobile App

Business Opportunity for Sale
Nedlands NSW Moblie Application that helps suffers of Depression & Anxiety manage their condition combining Professional, Personal & Social Support In iTunes and Google Play store

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Mobile App

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This App has a subscription based business model for Professional users such as Counsellors but is FREE to the Public. Can also have advertising options attached to the App for additional revenue. 

The App requires a digital marketing campaign and knowledge of mobile Applications would be an Advantage. Huge marketing potential due the millions of sufferers of Anxiety and Depression worldwide. Target Smokers, alcoholics, gamblers, drug addicts that often suffer Depression and Anxiety


This App, Message4support  has been designed by both suffers of mental illness, addicts and psychiatrists to help people break the negative and destructive thought patterns and behaviours associated with Bad habits, Addictions and Mental Illness.  People with symptoms such Bad Habits, Addictions, Smoking, Drinking, Gambling, Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal thought, Drug use, Self-Harm can all benefit.

The app, works with two types of users. The person suffering from a ‘challenge’ is called a ‘supportee’. He/she sends an invitation to ‘supporters’, via a message of invitation from the App, requesting their support to help manager their specific ‘Challenge’. There is a link in the message to download  the App.  The friend ‘Supporter’ downloads the app, registers as a Supporter and accepts the invitation from the ‘supportee’.  Then the ‘Supporter’ can create emotional messages of support. These messages are sent from the ‘Supporters’ App to the ‘Supportee’ App where they can be viewed by the supportee in specific moments of need.

There are two distinct therapeutic approaches this App uses to manage destructive thinking and actions. Firstly, the opportunity to connect and share a challenge with a friend/s, family, therapist and councillors enables the problem to be ‘publicly identified’. This alone empowers the ‘supportee’ to feel empathy from people that care ‘supporters’ and unlocks the burden of feeling alone and often powerless.

Secondly, the app enables messages of support and encouragement to be available to the supportee in a time of need or crisis. It’s the ability to see a supportive message precisely at the time of need that can stop destructive thoughts and behaviours.  This instant emotional encouragement can act as a ‘circuit breaker’ and can motivate the supportee into corrective thinking and healthier behaviours.

Whilst it is most benefitial to reach out and get assistance when facing a challenge in life, some people may be very private and still want the benefit of Support Messages in a time of need. There is an option in the App that allows a Supportee to remain Private. This means that the person can create their own personal messages of support to themselves and view them in times of need. People, who have private addictions and bad habits they want to try and control but feel can’t let anyone know about can also benefit from the App.

The App provides 5 emotional levels for the supportee to register Feelings for use in the App. They include: Feeling Overwhelmed, Feeling Very Challenged, Feeling Challenged, Feeling Controlled, and Feeling Great.  The Supportor can create different messages to suite each of these emotional levels. Therefore, a message of encouragement can be provided and then viewed by the Supportee when he/she is Feeling Controlled or Feeling Great. Also, a message of empathy and support can be provided and then viewed by the Supportee when he/she is Feeling Overwhelmed, Feeling Very Challenged and Feeling Challenged.

There are built in optional features that enable a ‘supporter’ to notify his/her emotional state of mind when feeling ‘Overwhelmed’. This provides the ability for the supportee to share his/her feeling when susceptible to damaging thoughts and actions.  An alert is sent to the Supporter via the App that his/her Supportee is having a very difficult moment when the Supportee, registers an emotion of Feeling Overwhelmed, Feeling Very Challenged. This enables a Supporter to know exactly when a phone call or visit if possible could assist the Supportee in a difficult time. Also, an option is available to have the Supportees location indicated on the Supporters phone if these emotional levels or messages of vulnerable emotional are viewed.


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