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Hypoxi Studio - North Adelaide

Business for Sale
Hypoxi Studio - North Adelaide
Adelaide SA

HYPOXI STUDIO - North Adelaide [most photos are for illustrative purposes only]

Price $50,000 WIWO

HYPOXI STUDIO - north adelaide

Stock Included: No
Stock Value: 500
Years Est: many
Gross Revenue: On Enquiry
The HYPOXI Studio - North Adelaide Story

We believe that an active lifestyle and a balanced diet are crucial to general health as well as wellbeing. With HYPOXI, you get the opportunity to target fat at stomachs, hips, waist, legs and buttocks. We understand your health and fitness needs in Adelaide and the frustration of having stubborn fat that simply refuses to budge.
HYPOXI has helped a large number of men and women achieve weight loss goals. We aim to give the world a better, smarter way to overcome your body insecurities. Targeted fat loss in Adelaide is easy with HYPOXI.
At HYPOXI, we understand how eager you are to get rid of the stubborn fat deposits on your body. This differs from one individual to another and for men and women. We treat the stubborn areas, helping with fat loss, improve skin appearance and facilitate cellulite reduction in Adelaide.

*** " A testimonial" ... about HYPOXI Studio ***

My name is Rasha and I would like to share my experience with HYPOXI. First of all I’m not an overweight girl however I have few specific areas that I do not like in my body. As I’m preparing for my wedding I decided to give hypoxi a go as I tried many exercises and different equipments in the past but I never got the results and the body that I ever wanted. Overall, I did 12 sessions over a month and I lost 26 cm in total ( amazing !). My body ( specifically my legs) looks so much better than before after losing all these centimetres and the cellulite which made my skin more toned. Thank you James for helping me achieve my goals and I’m finally ready for my wedding.

Are you bothered by cellulite and stubborn fat deposits?
If you do not want to go under the knife, then HYPOXI offers you the perfect solution for effective cellulite reduction in Adelaide through low-impact exercise and proper nutrition which are critical for weight loss and cellulite reduction. However, most of us hate the very idea of hitting the gym or cannot afford a personal trainer. When we start exercising, we do not always see the results in areas bothering us the most. If you are wondering how to lose weight effectively, HYPOXI can help.
What is HYPOXI?
HYPOXI is a unique training strategy combining low impact exercises with advanced compression and vacuum technology. A healthy nutrition plan is also essential to help the natural system of the body to burn fat and increase the fitness level of both men and women.
HYPOXI is the brainchild of Dr. Norbert Egger, an esteemed Austrian sports scientist. Working for years in the weight loss industry, he noticed that a large number of people struggle to reduce fat in their problem areas that include the stomach, hips, and thighs despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. As a sports scientist, Egger knew that good blood circulation and proper exercise are critical to cellulite treatment. With this knowledge in mind, he set about developing a revolutionary training device.
These revolutionary training devices for the first time in history used pressure therapy simultaneously with fat burning exercise and made HYPOXI pioneer in weight loss in Adelaide.
The S120 – This device applies gentle negative and positive vacuum pressure while you exercise to supercharge your workout and target stubborn fat and reduce cellulite around the hips, buttocks, lower stomach and thighs.
Vacunaut – The Vacunaut is specially manufactured to apply pressure on stubborn areas around your midsection while you exercise. It is perfect for men and apple shaped woman.
HypoxiDermology – The HDC is perfect for lymphatic drainage and provides increased cellulite reduction and fat loss results as the pressure chambers integrated in this device target areas around the stomach, lower back, hip, buttock and thigh region.
The L250- This device applies advanced vacuum therapy to the hips, buttocks, lower stomach and thighs for cellulite reduction in Adelaide.
The HYPOXI method is based on three principles for cellulite reduction:
Light cardio-workout
Good nutrition
Stimulation of blood flow in the problem areas
Independent studies show HYPOXI to be three times more effective than traditional exercise regimes for cellulite treatment and effective weight loss in Adelaide. In just 12 sessions, you can lose an average of 30cms in the circumference from the problem areas or 1 full dress size.
How can HYPOXI Help?
HYPOXI targets stubborn fat storage around hips, stomach, thighs, and butt that traditional exercises fail to get rid of easily.
HYPOXI is a low impact exercise ensuring scientifically proven results through its 30-minute sessions. Cellulite reduction in Adelaide is possible with HYPOXI. It supercharges the workout regime and facilitates:
Targeted fat loss
Increased fitness
Improved nutrition
Improve shape & skin texture
The unique training strategy administered by HYPOXI is perfect for men and women who are eager to reclaim their lives even after significant changes like post pregnancy weight loss. It helps to
Acquire a fit and slim body for business meets and functions
Get the perfect beach body
Look your best for your wedding
Gain shape following pregnancy
Postpartum depression & anxiety


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Contact: Lindsay Power
Mobile: 0417 859 190
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