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Key Environmental Wholesaler - Bc8602c

Business for Sale
Perth WA

Key Environmental Wholesaler IMMEDIATE EXPORT Potential SPECIALISED RECYCLING SERVICES Global Market Trends Diving Profits Up


Key Environmental Wholesaler - BC8602C

Stock Included:
Stock Value:
Years Est: 30
Gross Revenue: 1,482,891

4 Key Areas no other business will be able to match:

This business has very little reliance on any one sector of the economy, servicing a variety of repeat customers including plumbers, electricians, the engineering and manufacturing industries, universities, hospitals, government, fast food companies as well as individuals. Add to this the fact that 60% of customers pay COD – it’s hard to imagine a safer business. 

The business is set to win from a tsunami of public sentiment and support towards environment protection, if there is one trend you want to be on the right side of in the coming decade, its got to be this one!

Huge Growth opportunities both domestic and abroad with companies coming under increasing pressure to manage and restrict their environmental footprint, coupled with increasing production and energy costs that result - this business is in the perfect position to capitalise the immense growth anticipated in this sector.

The business has been operating in excess of 30 years and has grown despite the GFC. A bullet proof industry coupled with the very large investment in infrastructure surrounding this business should fortify its continued growth and success. 

Key Feature Snapshot:

- Long Established – operating for over 30 years +
- Easy to operate
- Excellent location with favourable rental terms
- Fortified local market with council blocking any new entrants
- Low Working Capital requirements
- Essential Products and Services
- Diverse customer base
- Highly systemised
- Huge untapped Export potential
- Only 2 full time employees plus a contractor

TIME TESTED - The business has been operating in excess of 30 years and has grown despite the GFC. 

Having all essential systems well documented, any new buyer will find itextremely easy to learn and manage without any need to canvass or hard sell.

Whilst the continued growth of the business's core market sector is massive, there are many other untapped markets and new products that could be targeted to accelerate future growth.

- Long established weekly repeat order client base
Fortifies its sales and profits as it has done so for over 3 decades!

- No specific sales force employed – it doesn't get any easier than this!
This is a very rare feature indeed, as most other wholesalers will have on the road sales representatives to collect orders to maintain sales.

- Essential Environmental, Energy and cost saving products
...are described as "must have products" that are intensifying in demand, despite the state of the economy.

- This is a sure-fire time tested profit maker - You'll never find another business as safe or as good as this! 

The business sources material from up to 300 customers from a wide variety of industries. Some of these include:

- Hospitality
- Food and beverage
- Plumbers
- Electricians
- Motor vehicles
- Hospitals
- Universities
- Private individuals
- Engineering companies

Huge Export Opportunities
Both within Australia and globally, this sector continues to experience strong demand with sustained patterns of growth projected for the long-term future. This growth is been driven by powerful environmental and economic drivers and the business is ideally positioned to capitalise on the many opportunities – such as new markets and government initiatives – this growth industry represents.

IN FACT - This is one of the few businesses that simply can’t wait for China to transition its economy to Domestic Consumption. With the chronic oversupply of bulk commodities such as iron ore and coal, and a structural shift occurring in China’s demand as it's economy transitions more rapidly than expected from investment and exports to domestic consumption, the products supplied by this business directly benefit. This business also isn’t threatened by global focus on reducing the carbon intensity of economic growth - in many respects it offers the solution!

Proven Track Record – commencing trading in 1986 the business has been established for almost 30 years.

Well Developed Customer & Buyer Network – throughout its three decade history the business has built a reputation for its quality customer service, helping it cultivate a client network of some 300 repeat customers sourced from a range of industries. 

Established Processing Systems and Procedures – the business has fully developed and systemised procedures to ensure a smooth and predictable operation. 

Premium Location – The business operates from a centrally positioned yard in Perth’s southern suburbs, close to main arterials and many of its key clients. Additionally, the local Council will not allow another similar operator into the area, giving the business a veritable monopoly over the local industrial catchment.

Well-Established in a High Growth Market – the business is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the massive growth that continues to be driven by global and local environment and economic imperatives.

In regard to electronic waste (e-waste), the United Nations estimated that up to 50 million tonnes of electronic waste is thrown away each year, a significant amount ending up in landfills. In 2009, 234 million items of e-waste found their way to the tip in Australia, it is forecast that the amount will treble by 2020 and be close to 700 million items. This business is ideally positioned to profit from this growth.







Gross Profit:


Net Profit






Risk Reducing Key Features

High Gross Profit Margin
Self propelled sales and a high gross profit margin of 40% is indicative of a business which is solid.

Essential Products:
The growing Perth population will require the continued investment in infrastructure and facilities to accommodate it, such as schools, sports facilities, community centres, hospitals etc., and all these new buildings will require the highly sort after materials supplied by this business. A larger population also implies greater consumption which will result in ever increasing volumes of materials which will ultimately have to be recycled.

Widespread Growing Repeat Client Base:
The business has accumulated a significant repeat customer base. It also benefits from new walk-in customers on a weekly basis, as well as new contacts generated through its online advertising campaign. The Business is not dependent on any one particular customer or group of customers, but enjoys the benefits of a diversified customer base spanning across a range of different industries.

Long established
The Business has been servicing the Perth market for some 30 years and during most of that time the demand for its products and services has exceeded the business’s capacity to supply. With very little sales or marketing effort turnover has continued to grow year on year, purely through reputation and word of mouth.

COD or Payment On Delivery – Low Working Capital
This is a high cash flow business with some 60% of debtors paying COD. The rest settle within a day or two. This provides the business with an excellent cash flow, which minimises working capital.

No Reliance On Sales Staff to Generate Sales
The vast majority of sales are simply self propelled which means that the current owner does not have to spend time canvassing for clients.

High Level of Client Loyalty
The Business enjoys the benefits of a significant repeat customer base. Fair treatment, friendly and prompt service have been rewarded with deep customer relationships and ongoing loyalty.

Low Competition
The Business' competitors are long-established, so the company has always operated against the present level of competition.

Excellent location
Situated in a high traffic location close to major airports, freight terminals, the Perth transport hub and many of the business’ key customers. Additionally, the local Council will prevent any other competitors from entering the area.

Immediate Potential to Expand the Business
The landlord is willing to sell the property, which would enable the new owners to immediately increase the area of the business premises and be able to obtain and process more stock at any one time. It will also open the doors to the new owners being able to enter the export market.

Barriers to Market Entry
Aside from the significant capital requirements to establish a business such as this, a newcomer to the market hoping to compete with this business would face the following issues: obtain a comparable central location, have the appropriate equipment, and also the decades necessary to build a similar reputation for customer service and trustworthiness.

Low Advertising
The business is in the fortunate position it does not need to have the owner personally canvas for new clients; the business has now reached a stage at which it requires the new owner to focus purely on administration and overseeing the total operation, with perhaps some focus on marketing.

Simple to Operate – No Experience Necessary
The business is a relatively simple business to operate with no specialist skills or knowledge necessary.

Owner Can Take Holidays
The staff know how to run the business from day to day and are trustworthy, leaving the owner free to take holidays.

Business Is Run Under Semi-Management
Management of the business is currently carried out by the Directors on a full time basis. However working hours can be flexible and time can be tailored to suit, or the business could be run under management.

Long Term Historical Growth
The Business' growth has been entirely based on performance – the better service it provides the more work it wins. This means its growth isn’t dependent on external factors over which it has no control.

Minor Overheads
Given the size of the annual turnover, overheads are relatively small enhancing overall profitability.

Long Established Repeat Client Base and Supplier List
Not reliant on agencies or a few large clients, thus offering excellent stability and minimal risk.

Newly Captured Customers
The business continues to attract new clients on a regular basis as new companies flock in, driven by global and local environment/economic imperatives.

Low Stock Holding
This amount of stock is considered minimal. Most other businesses will carry much higher values than this, which will demand higher working capital requirements and unnecessary money tied up during the term of ownership. Stock is held in the yard for at most 1 week, usually 2-3 days.

Profits Can Be Proven
The business has a complete set of verified accounts which clearly show its profitability.

No bad Debts
During the vendor’s ownership the business has not experienced any bad debts as most sales are paid cash.

High Level of Client Loyalty
Buyers compete for this business’ material, consequently there is always more than 3 avenues through which the business can sell its products and obtain the best price.

This has everything you want in a business. Don’t delay – reserve your copy of our 80 page detailed business report now by clicking the "email me" button below.


Email me now and I will give you along with other registered buyers a 7 day lead time prior to the business being advertised to the general public.

Brendan Cockram

Ph: 0433 661 111


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