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Buying a Business For Sale

In Australia there are 2.1 million businesses operating (ABS, July 2012) and people are constantly looking at buying a business for sale. In a recent June 2012 ABS report it showed that 13.1% businesses exited the market place whilst an additional 13.5% entered, indiciating only a 0.4% increase in the overall number of businesses operating. This suggests that the growth of businesses to previous years is stagnating. Which is why the buying and selling of businesses is rather important. We see thousands of businesses bought and sold every year in Australia. 

When you are buying a business for sale in Australia you may contact a Business Broker who is working on behalf of the owner, or you may be in contact with the actual business owner. When you initially find a business for sale, you will likey send them an email or call. Once contact is made you can talk with the broker or owner and arrange an inspection of the business or to recieve more information. With privacy and confidentiality concerns most sellers will require you to complete a confidentiality agreement before they release any information to you. You may also find they will not give you full access to the financials until a deposit has been made and you can begin the process of due dilligence. Once the due dilligence is complete and the buyer is happy to proceed with the purchasing of the business, the transfer of payment and ownership can begin.

Loans when Buying a Business

Accessing finance is usual a concern when buying a business. Some business owners are able to get a loan from the bank, though recent reports have show they have cracked down on their loans to small businesses. Other sources of capital include; personal savings, loans from family or friends, payment plans established with the seller, personal loans or using other systems such as credit cards and re-drawing on home loans. Its important when looking at buying a business for sale that you consider your finance options. Pre-approval for a business loan can be difficult as the bank will want to review the business you are buying. In the News:

"Just under half of all credit applications made by small and medium businesses in the past year were not granted, according to the latest research from East & Partners. While banks continue to claim they are eager to lend to SMEs, East & Partners found only 56% of applications made in the past year were successful. The research looked at 538 SMEs turning over between $1 million and $20 million a year. Of those surveyed 23.2% had applied for new or extended credit lines in the past 12 months and 44% were not successful." Smart Company: May 2013: Half of small business loan applications knocked back


Where to Search when Buying a Business For Sale 

There are a number of websites available now that showcase businesses for sale. Some of these websites have similar content, whilst others have unique listings like multiple listings of businesses for sale by owners. So when you begin your search to buying a business you need to have a look around, as not all businesses are located in one easy to find spot. Finding the right business for you, could have a bit of searching involved. To make it easier on the bsale website we have created some pages about each region and category to help you through the buying process. 


Buying a Business By Capital City:

Find out more information about the city you are looking at buying a business for sale in. These pages are dedicated to those cities and give you information on population, industry, useful resources, business chambers and more. 


Business For Sale SydneyBusiness for Sale BrisbaneBusiness For Sale MelbourneBusiness For Sale Perth   
Business For Sale AdelaideBusiness For Sale DarwinBusiness For Sale Hobart    


Buying a Business By Town:

These towns are the largest outside of the capital cities, they have a number of businesses currently operating and have businesses on sale. These pages can help you find out more information about the town and who to contact for more information about the region and establishing a business. 


Business For Sale BroomeBusiness For Sale CairnsBusiness For Sale Central CoastBusiness For Sale Dubbo
Business For Sale LauncestonBusiness For Sale NewcastleBusiness For Sale TownsvilleBusiness For Sale Wollongong


Information Pages for Buying a Business By Category:

Looking ta buying a cafe, hair salon, gym etc and not sure who to contact to find out more. These dedicated pages help you find resources to institutes and websites that aid businesses owners in individual industries. They can also assist in finding a relevant business to meet your needs. 

Cafe For SaleHotels For SaleGyms For Sale.






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