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Thinking about buying a caravan tourist park?

Monday, June 27, 2011 · 5 Comments

The Australian tourism industry accounts for $92 billion in spending!* Australians love to go on holidays whether its interstate, overseas or to a caravan park a few hours away. It’s a big industry that is forever growing, and you can have a share.

Buying a caravan park for sale seems like a great idea. Helping people have a memorable and fun holiday experience – it could be the type of lifestyle business your have always wanted! Caravan parks can range from traditional style parks with just a few acres of unpowered and powered camp sites, an amenities block and perhaps a cement slab for caravans. To major resort style tourist parks with pools, spas, tennis courts, cabins, enuite sites, villa’s, games rooms, water sports, take away shop, child minding and more.

When considering to buy a caravan tourist park there are a few things you need to asses such as the maintenance involved. Caravan Parks can be hard work, mowing, cleaning, washing, security, running the takeaway shop and keeping everything in working order. There is also the effect of seasons, how do you entice clients in the colder months? Are you in a good location for year round tourist attractions? All of these are obstacles that can be overcome with a good business plan and understanding of the industry before you buy.


Caravan Parks can be an excellent business, they are part of a huge growing industry and you can get a lot of satisfaction out of them. Caravan parks can be a good family and lifestyle business, you get to meet many different people, create great holiday experiences, have access to all the facilities, be a local tour guide and suggest the best places to go.

As with every tourism accommodation business investment you need to analyze every aspect of the business, understand your target market, look at your competitors in the area, what does your caravan park offer, that they don’t? Is the caravan park in a good location? Is there anything that needs updating? What is the potential of the park? Once all of these have been assessed, all you need to do is find the right caravan park for you and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


Do you run a caravan park?

If so, tell us what you like most about running a caravan park? What are some of the obstacles you face and do you have any suggestions for people interested in joining the caravan park business?



John Stephens said:

For a great Caravan Park potential site adjacent the Flinders Ranges and Spencer Gulf, for developers/investers, please call me on (08) 82510748.

Sep 28, 2011

Rus Talis said:

Another beautiful Coastal Rainforest Residential Site. Looking for live-in management f'hold title \$150,000 Coastal Maroochy Shire Sunshine Coast, 13 ac Res Sit with 2 road access, 7 torrens titles which isolate the balance rainforest setting from housing. Walk 200 shops / transport, with extra 22 acres potential to increase. 0415 678 800 buy or exchange

Sep 8, 2012

Jas said:

Hi We are on way to start a investment company and looking for our first investment property (will prefer which is tenanted with longer lease). Will be looking for in Tourism industry but will consider any if reliable. First time will be looking for <\$350,000.

May 15, 2013

Kirk said:

Hi Caravan parks are a great lifestyle. you get to talk to some very interesting people, from all walks of life. Caravanning is about to boom in the next few years and caravan parks will be able to benefit if in the right location. semi perms are a underpin for small parks, most leases for on sitters are year to year - they are a great family ran business.

Jul 12, 2013

Joy Sorensen said:

My husband and self are 40yrs of age and want to buy a caravan park for our future retirement. Any advice from anyone that has been here before. Thinking FH, but the ones with decent ROI are quite expensive. Cheers Joy

Apr 23, 2015

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