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Bsale provides advertising for businesses for sale by owners also known as FSBO. In Australia, business owners have the benefit of advertising and selling their own business, similar to a car sale. There are no agents’ commissions when selling it privately through advertising portals such as bsale. There are a few different packages available to private sellers depending on the amount of exposure and coverage you prefer. FSBO is more often heard of in relation to real estate sales, but is also common in a business sale. 

The main difference when listing a business for sale as the owner compared to selling with a broker is that you handle the buyer enquiries. Instead of an agent fielding calls and negotiating with the buyer, you as the business owner handle this process. The benefits? You get to ensure all enquiries are pursued and can save yourself thousands of dollars in commission fees. The contract of sale and confidentiality agreements can be handled by your conveyancer / solicitor.

When searching to buy a business you will often contact a business owner, broker or franchise group. Dealing directly with the business owner can allow the buyer to better understand the business and ask direct questions. It also assists in any change over process, such as training. If the seller can develop a good relationship with the buyer it can lead to a smooth sales and transition process. 

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