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How to sell a business or property?                         

May 31, 2011

So you’re thinking about selling… and not sure where to start? Business and property are the biggest investments were likely to make in 
our lifetime. So when it comes to selling we can get rather protective and emotional towards the thought of letting go. Once you have come to terms with the emotional side, in steps the financial. Am I going to get enough money? How much is it worth? Do I seek an advisor? Should I sell it myself? Should I get a broker or agent? What about the legalities.. and the list goes on.

When selling the 'bigger things' there are two main options. A Business Broker/Real estate agent or selling it yourself. In Australia all Business Brokers and Real Estate agents need to be registered in order to give advice and sell on your behalf. They have usually completed a course at TAFE, college or through an institute. Their prime objective is to value your business / property, advertise, deal with buyer enquires and negotiate the sale. Depending on the brokerage or agent you have gone with they may provide additional services such as helping with due dilligence and open houses.

Lets take a look and compare what a business broker does and what you as a business owner can do:

          Business Broker or Real Estate Agent

           Private Sale

Business BrokerSell yourself 
 Experience in Business Sales Your an expert of your business
 Provide an EvaluationSave $1,000+ on commission  Australian Owned
Can take care of Advertising Control the Advertisement  Established since 2000.
 Insight into local opportunitiesCan set the price of your business  Over 6,500  listings!
 Understanding of the business marketDirect contact with the buyer 42,000+ visitors a month!
 Deals with buyer enquiriesCan negotiate price of the sale  
 Thirds party that can negotiate saleLow Cost NO Commission or fees on Your Sale
 Emotionallly Detached ConfidentialityLow cost advertising to Sell your business
 Less time required by owner Great Exposure onlinePrivate Sellers, Franchises and Business Brokers
6 - 10% commission
May be additional costs for advertising
Have set work days
May be over committed, with too many 
businesses on their books.

Confidence to make the sale
Time Involved
Valuing your business

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The question is....  how do you want to sell your business or property, do you have the time, do you have the money??

With the internet taking the world by storm, thousands of people are online searching for that right house or business, you just need to get their attention! Business Brokers, Real Estate Agents and Private owners are all online, trying to buy and sell businesses and property. At the end of December 2010, there were 10.4 million active internet subscribers in Australia - excluding internet connections through mobile handsets which accounted for an additional for 8.2 million! (Australian Burea of Statistics). There are 10,440,000 Australians on Facebook! ( 30/05/2011) Can you afford not to be advertising online??

Just take a look at recent sales.... "Catch Of the Day" online retailer has reportedly sold a 40% stake for $80 Million to a James Packer company ( - If no one was really buying or selling online do you think it would have sold for this much? Online sales are on the rise. If your looking to sell your 'bigger' things - simply... YOU NEED TO BE DOING IT ONLINE!

Bsale is passionate about helping individal owners, brokers and real estate agents advertise their sales online. We educate people on the power of online marketing!! Our blog is just the beginning... we are always working on new packages, new information booklets, new marketing strategies - to help you advertise and sell your business or property! 

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Have you ever tried to advertise your business or property online? 

If so how did it go?

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