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Selling a Business Privately


We have been helping owners to sell their businesses for the past 19 years. 

As the owner, you can create a private listing online and deal direct with buyer enquiries.

Selling a Business on Bsale is easy. No Commissions. Set Advertising Rates. 


Advertising Packages 



To obtain more information about these packages please download our private sellers information PDF







Why Advertise your Business Sale with Bsale? 


We have been established 19 years which is a testament to our style. We love to support small business owners and are here to assist. You wont just place an Ad and be forgotten. 

We pride ourselves on being one of the first business for sale websites and intend to remain for many more years to come. When you list with Bsale you get control over your listing and a helpful customer service team who is here to assist along the way.  

Our shining features:


How Bsale Assists Business Owners in Selling...




How Do I Sell My Business Privately?


In Australia you have the option of selling your business privately or you may engage an agent to sell on your behalf. If you sell your business privately, you get to deal direct with buyer enquiries and can use your accountant or solicitor to assist you in the sale process. If you sell with a broker, they will assist you with the sale process and will charge a commission when the sale is complete. 

Owners make this decision based on a number of factors such as the value of their business, their confidence in selling, their location and more. Whether your going to sell your business privately or with a broker you first need to prepare it for sale. We have put together a guide to help you in preparing a business for sale. This will help you get everything organised so you can deal confidently in the process. 


Preparing your business for sale is the first crucial step!

You need to have the business ready for handover well before you've advertised it for sale. 



Ready to Get Started With Us? 


Here's How it Works 


Tip: You can create a listing and it will stay in the dashboard until you're ready to Go Live. Just skip the payment process and click on the 'My Account' top right to view your dashboard. 


What is your Bsale eMagazine?


This is our stellar publication that is sent out every month to our buyers database. It is professionally designed and full of the latest businesses and articles by leading professionals. If the eMagazine is included in your package your advertisement will be automatically created by our design team based on the information you supply in your listing. It will appear for 3 editions. 


View SAMPLE page for eMagazine


View This Months eMagazine


Why are you So Social?




We have 30,000+ Facebook Followers.

Social media provides a way for us to connect with business owners. At times we have businesses in regional towns or city locations that struggle to gain traction with the current buyers database. Having a well managed social media component to our marketing system allows us to target location based audiences who may not be actively looking for a business but would be well suited to your opportunity. It creates 'a word of mouth' approach which has worked very well for business owners and lead to a successful sale. 

We realise not every business wants their details to be made so public, there is the risk of clients or staff recognising the business. We have options to reduce the recognition by using stock images and hiding business details. 

Your social media campaign is created in house and promoted on our channels. We will provide links for you to review once the ad is set up. We then manage the campaign to ensure it is reaching the desired views. We take care of all the hassles, so you can just sit back and wait for the enquiries. 



Some of Our Clients 




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