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We know how important it is for business owners to be educated so they can make informed decisions, especially when it comes to buying or selling a business. Bsale is a family owned website and we appreciate the number of talented business owners and professionals in Australia who have extensive knowledge to share. Our site is dedicated to business owners and we would love to share your story. Your advice and information could make a huge difference to someone who is just starting out in business or who is deep in the trenches and looking for some new ideas. 

Each month, thousands of people visit our site searching for businesses for sale or solutions to their questions. When business owners and professionals share their thoughts and experiences it can be a great way to make a connection with the business community in Australia and strengthen your personal brand. 

As a visitor of Bsale, you have the opportunity to share your story or provide professional advice on our website and in our monthly eMagazine. Our site is loved by many small business owners who are looking to buy or sell a business -  your advice could make a difference. Our team will review each submission to ensure it is valuable to our clientele. If selected, we will publish your article online and in our eMagazine. We will provide a link to your social media pages and website. 



Step by Step Process to Create an Article


Our readers have so many questions and we have laid out a simple process to create an article. We want to hear from business owners, professionals, business coaches, accountants, exit strategists, mortgage lenders, and other leaders in the industry who can provide quality advice for our audience. We will take this advice and turn it into an article that will be distributed to the thousands of visitors to Bsale every month.

We have 4 options for creating an article. 


Tell Your Story

Are you a successful business owner who has seen great growth over the past few years? Have you overcome obstacles, faced challenges, succeeded. We would love to share your story with our community. 





Business Advice

To all the professionals who have so much knowledge and experience to share. We would love to hear from you. Pick a topic, and let's get started. 



Buying a Business

Are you in the process of buying a business? It's important the industry is kept aware of the process and what buyers are considering when purchasing. We would love to hear about your journey. 




Selling a Business

When it's time to part with your business, it can be a bit sad to let go. Why not tell your story and share in our online community. It provides a great opportunity to reflect on your business and where you're headed next.





Submit Your Own Article


What do we look for?

Bsale is all about buying and selling businesses / franchises so this is our key area of education. 

Great advice pieces from professionals with 3-10 pieces of advice related to business buying and / or selling. 

We love a great story about someone who has bought or sold a business recently.

We love a good success story and how an Aussie business grew and overcame obstacles. 

We love a 'meet the person behind' style story and sharing a businesses journey. 

Latest Franchising News and Information. 

Our readers are smart and well-read Australian business owners who want good, solid, and well researched advice. No 'get rich quick' schemes. 

Content must be original. If found to be duplicated, we will not accept. 

Original Images of the business owner and business to enhance the article. 

No stock photos. We have a database we will use. 



Pieces typically run about 600-1,000 words. Though we do love an in-depth well researched article. 


Lead time: 

Please expect 3 to 4 weeks before your story reviewed by our team. Please keep this in mind if your article is time sensitive such as a holiday season. 


Where it will be published: 

If accepted your article will appear on our website, in our eMagazine, and share via our social networks. We will provide 1 link back to your website and a social page. 






Editorial Judgment


Bsale reserves the right to edit all content submitted for publication, including grammar, formatting, headlines, images and length.

We reserve the right to reject content for any reason. Not all submissions will be selected. 

We reserve the right to remove any links or content we consider offensive, harmful or overly promotional. Any violation of our policies can result in removal of content or removal from the platform at the editors’ discretion







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