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The coronavirus is having a huge impact on business owners around Australia. Whilst businesses are struggling we want to help owners understand their business and what options they have available. Bsale has been a business for sale website for the past 20 years. The bsale eMagazine has been operating since 2015. We have 30,000+ Facebook followers. Business owners need to know if their businesses are going to be ok during and after this crisis. 


Help Business Owners weather this storm!




What does a source receive? 


After 20 years in business, this is definitely the hardest time we have seen. The sadness on business owners faces as they close doors and let staff go, whilst still having to maintain rent and expenses is just heartbreaking. As industry leaders and professionals, you have the ability to educate and inform business owners on the best path forward. It can have a massive impact on how we turn around after this disaster. 


Please keep your family, team and loved ones safe. 


Team @ Bsale


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