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About Us

Bsale is Business for Sale and Franchise Opportunities Website! Bsale was originally established in 2000 from the Central Coast of NSW by Kaye Lovie. It was developed on a simple publisher website to assist business owners in advertising and selling their business or franchise. Over the years, bsale has undergone a number of changes and evolved with the advance of the internet, social media and SEO tools. Over the past 11 years we have seen a number of changes from Google search engine criteria changing (numerous times!) to the emergence of Facebook and Twitter on the social network platforms.

Bsale's Mission: To create a website that allows business owners and brokers the ability to easily list and sell their businesses or franchises online. To connect buyers with sellers.

Bsale's Values: We are a family run website. We understand small business and come from a town where community is an integral part of our lifestyle. We are a website that has a face and respects each business owner and will help in every way that we can. You can speak directly to management and we wont just "pass the buck".

We recognise the need for a market place that represents owners and agents, some owners are comfortable in selling their business others prefer to hand over the process to an agent who will represent them in the sale. Bsale provides a platform for both parties to advertise their sales.

Vanessa Lovie, Business Manager

Vanessa started working wth Bsale.com.au in March 2011. Owner of 'Online Advertising Solutions' and B. Psychology (hons) graduate with many years experience working with small business. Vanessa now coordinates the daily operations of the bsale group including enquiries, broker request, accounts, HR, website management, SEO and marketing.



"The most exciting part of working with bsale.com.au is the ability to help small business owners find a buyer. I enjoy speaking with the owners and hearing the success stories once the deal is done and they can move onto their next venture. I also enjoy looking at all the different businesses on offer - it always amazes me the great businesses people have developed!" Vanessa Lovie, 2012

Kaye Lovie, Business Owner and Founder

Kaye originally started the website after years of running a small business. In 2000, the only way to sell your business was by advertising in the local newspaper or going through a business broker. Kaye saw the need for a website that allowed business owners to advertise and sell (similar to a newspaper) but with greater exposure and the ability to edit and change the listing (not stuck in print). So she learnt how to use Frontpage and developed www.bsale.com.au. Today Kaye serves an important role in the planning and development of Bsale.com.au.



"Bsale.com.au has been a website Ive spent many years developing, evolving and growing. Ive seen so many changes to the online world in 13 years and am so proud we are still prominent amoungst such a competitive industry. When I started out, I think there was only 1 other competitor like us. Today there seems so many! With overseas websites and developers its a very interesting marketplace we now find ourselves in." Kaye Lovie, 2012


Bsale is a registered Trademark 

We welcome your comments and should you have difficulty in reaching any of the sales advertised simply contact us with the Bsale ID and we will follow through

If you require assistance please phone/email or make an appointment to discuss your marketing needs 

Thank You for visiting Bsale

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Bsale.com.au - Central Coast NSW, Australia    ACN 626 970 447

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