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Thank you to our lovely clients for these great testimonials and business for sale reviews of the website.  Bsale has been assisting owners and brokers since 2000 and we just love to help! We have decided to use stock images when referencing a business to help keep it less recognisable for the new owners. If you're looking to sell a business or franchise please check out our packages or contact us. 




Read Reviews of What our Clients Have to Say...



"Bsale allowed me to sell my business successfully within a few short months. I would not hesitate to use this service again and would recommend to anyone else looking to sell their business."  

Listing: Evopia - Online Store (#210471)
User: Yvette Tisler


"Very impressed with the volume of inquiries I have received from BSale compared to other sites. Plus your active management is great."

Listing: Online retailer – $432k profit, no stock (#217079). 
User: P  Odes




"This Business is Sold. Thank you!"

Listing: Mechanic Workshop Tuning/Repair Business (#218960). 
User: Dan Levitus



"Amazing Platform"

Listing: One of the Best Cafe Opportunities Perth, WA!!! (#211070). 
User: Martin Smoothy




"Great response from this advert which led to an offer !"

Listing: The Best Cafe Location in Perth (#163001) 
User: Nigel Gill 






“I had my printing business advertised for sale on your site, which was sold very quickly… Your site worked much faster than I had planned and I was not totally prepared for all the enquiries received” 

Listing: Printing Business Sydney NSW 
User: Warren


"I found the perfect buyer using Bsale, and saved myself close to $15,000 in broker fees.  Easy!"

Listing: Scooter Dealership Perth. 
User: Steve Laing




"Bsale is the only place I choose to market my start up businesses. I love finding the right person for the niche business I have created, Bsale makes it easy - Thanks again for another successful sale."

Listing: Hire Love- Wedding and Event Hire (#186017). 
User: Wendy Bateson 



"Good Website"

Listing: URGENT Zambrero Franchise Resale (#171558) 
User: Jayramm Srikanth




"Thank you. Business has been sold."

Supported Accommodation - Toowoomba (#188315). 
User: Rod Hollonds



"Bsale provided great exposure to a wide audience culminating in a private sale"

Listing: Dealership & Garage in Rural SA (#164165) 
User: Richard Boston



"This Business is Sold. Thanks"

Listing: Boutique Pallet Manufacturing NSW (#201578)
User: Matthew Holland

"Please note for your records that this business has now been sold, and advertising is no longer required. Thank
you for your assistance." 

Listing:  World of Maths NSW (May 2019)
User: Peter Wilson




"The best  place to sell your business by far Don't waste your money on other sites "

Listing: 2 Home Based Businesses (#186801). 
User: Peter Stewart



"Thanks for the support"

Listing: Bookkeeping Service- Sydney NSW (#121557). 
User: Sher Gurung



"Really easy to use interface"

Listing: IGA Supermarket WA (#117095). 
User: Barry Elliott


"Bsale is a wonderful, professional site. We had a steady stream of enquires until we found that right buyer for our little pet shop, Using Bsale has saved me thousands in sales commissions. If you know what your business is really worth and you are patient then don't waste your time with anywhere else."

Listing: Retail Pet Shop Est. 16 yrs (#88886). 
User: Matthew Wilde


"Very Good Results"

Listing: Sale of Preschool Furniture+Sets (#111408). 
User: Peter Stewart 



"Great site has given our company several good leads"

Listing: Indian Restaurant - Melbourne 
User: George C.



" The response I received from my listing was phenomenal.  I was able to find the right buyer for the full price.  Couldn't be happier with the service.  You don't need a business broker.  When I tried to use one - the so called expert in my type of business told me he couldn't get anywhere near the price I got.  So believe in yourself - you are the best person to sell the business especially in professional services.  I have to date sold 2 businesses on BSale. "

Listing: Bookkeeping Business - Melb. VIC (#132104). 
User: Josephine Roberts



"Very happy with service good to have someone to turn to when you make a mistake!"

Listing: Old Macdonald's Travelling Farms SA (#68463) 
User: Ann Richardson


 "Great Thank you. Easy and fuss free"


Listing: Lawn Mower Repair Shop & Chainsaw Centre NSW (#66579) User: Lisa Vella


"Good portal to advertise, user friendly. No problems."

Listing: Thai Restaurant-Short hours-WIWO (#148681) 
User: Bessie Yeo




"My business is sold. Thank you for your help... Signing up with B sale was hassle free. Thanks for your service."

Listing: Dog Bed Sales - VIC 
User: Trish



“Many Thanks to your website, I found it very easy to use, with an amazing result! We have sold our beauty Salon” 

Listing: Beauty Salon Sydney NSW 
User: Chantel






"Very happy with the service and sales response."

Unique Vending Machine Business (#166044) 
User: Damien Taheny



"Certainly has helped with selling BN & SC area!"

Listing: Old Macdonald's Travelling Farms BNSC (#68461) 
User: Ann Richardson






"Bsale was a great way for me an Agent to manage the sale of this tyre franchise. The buyer came from this site and another potential buyer also. Very easy to manage the add."

Listing: Exceptional Tyre Franchise (#65980). 
User: Peter  Clark


"Have found selling a franchise business online  a useful marketing tool that works."

Listing: Old Macdonald's Travelling Farms SA (#68463) 
User: Ann Richardson



"My Foodie Business found the perfect new owner and will be producing some great products in the near future. Thanks BSale for helping us find each other."

Listing: Foodie Business- No Cooking Required (#89405) 
User: Wendy Bateson  



"Pleased I listed my business for sale with many genuine enquiries"  

Listing: Children's Birthday Party Venue 
User: Katrina Humphires



"We have found B Sale excellent for selling businesses Would recommend"

Listing: New Inflatable Catamarans NSW (#112809). 
User: Peter Stewart




"Bsale could not have been any more helpful or obliging.  Unlike many high volume websites, Bsale personalised enquiries and dealt with any requests in a very timely manner.  The best 'business for sale' site I've used." 

Listing: Bakery Cafe - Shearwater Tasmania 
User: Leon Perry


 "Selling my IT business on this site was easy and convenient. I started receiving a steady stream of genuine enquiries within a week of posting and the business was sold in a couple of months!"

Listing: Established IT Business 
User: Arnold


"I listed my business for sale end of September and it sold on 30th January thanks to Bsale and their FB marketing campaign - money well spent! "

Listing: Award Winning Natural Clinic QLD (#104169). 
User: Laura Williams






"Bsale.com.au provided me with a financially feasible option for me to display my business for sale in a forum with interested buyers. I always had technical support and there were no hidden costs. I would recommend this website to any small business owner who is looking to sell."

Listing: Small Business Opportunity 
User: Anthony



“Despite that we have not sold our business, we have definitely had the most enquiries (by say 95%) from your site. Some of the others have been an utter failure and I have certainly advised them of that” 

Listing: Pertol Station Nanango QLD 
User: Wayne





"I have found your service extremely user-friendly, and love that I can easily and clearly see all activity.  Thank you."

Listing:  Variety Store est, 11 yrs Melton VIC (#125257) 
User: Julie May


"We have now sold our business, (through Bsale) so the ad. can now be closed. I would like to thank you for your professional and very successful advertising campaign."

Listing: Mobile Hire Business - WA 
User: Tony 




"Business was sold independently of Bsale, however the website and service is excellent."

Listing: Serviced Office Business Parramatta (#100347). 
User: Brian Hickman



"Thanks we have just completed our first new franchise sale thru Bsale"

Listing: Vip Car Care Area 6 - Mobile Detailing (#119896) 
User: Matthew Griffiths 






"Found the perfect new owner for my wedding hire start up - again another perfect fit- Thanks B sale! "

Listing: Hire Love- Wedding and Event Hire (#86017) 
User: Wendy Bateson 


"We have found that Bsale seems to encourage a certain section of the community to view our site which has helped in the sale of two franchises this year!"

Listing: Old MacDonalds Travelling Farms - QLD & NSW 
User: Ann R.





"An easy way to reach potential buyers. Stress free. There are still Aussie Farmers Franchisees up for sale built they won't last long, especially as they are listed on Bsales now"

Listing: Aussie Farmers Direct Adelaide Hills (#99833). 
User: Gerard  Griggs


"My business is sold so you can take it off your site please. Kind Regards"

Listing: Top Pool Service Mackay QLD (#81183). 
User: Daniel Selby 



"We sold in a reasonably short time and are very pleased with this method of advertising the sale.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome and with the purchasers."

Listing: Serviced Accommodation Newcastle 16yrs (#104255)
User: David Stewart



"Bsale did help me to get exposure for my business, the facebook feature where you can pay to boost the post was very helpful."

Listing: Coffee Shop for sale in Wagga CBD (#97738). 
User: Robert Illsley   




"Well Done! This Business is Sold"

Listing: Mobile Coffee Van Business for Sale (#183706). 
User: Barry Elliott



"Love it! Thank you" 

Listing: Only 1 Kwik Kopy Centre! NSW (#102301). 
User: Benoit Davi








"We found Bsale to be a pleasure to deal with and very helpful in everything to do with setting up the ad and keeping us posted on how it was preforming. We had lots of inquiries and the Business was sold within two months. I would highly recommend Bsale to anyone trying to sell a business. "

Nulok Roofing Distributor Opportunity QLD (#85144). 
User: Randal Stevenson


"Hi Vanessa, Well finally we have sold!  Money in the bank today. Can you please remove our ad. Once again thank you for all your help and SUPPORT!  As I said before I will certainly reccomend your site to anyone I know wanting to make their own sale. Thanks Vanessa!  Di"

Listing: Mousetrap Cheese Shop Fremantle WA (#64380) 
User: Di and Bob.




"Very happy with Bsale, both their customer service and website, we received almost all of our enquiries through Bsale, it is the website that our buyer used to purchase our business, they show up in the search engines and offer excellent packages and value for money. Bsale have been excellent to deal with from start to finish and worth the investment." 

Listing: Hardware Store Collarenebri NSW. 
User: Katie 



"Hello, We have sold yay.  Could you please remove our listing? THANK YOU so much for your great website and service and advice. I have already recommended you to others trying to sell their business."


Listing: Sweetest Things Lolly Shop & Ice Creamery QLD. 
User: Bernadette Scott




“I just had to say that i have sold my business in just 2 weeks for a lot more than 3 brokers who looked at it said i would! I was really pleased with your site and have since recommended it to other people also interested in selling. It was easy to set up and your help tweaking it was fantastic. I chose your site after i investigated what came up first on Google, and am really glad i did.thanks again “ 

Listing: Garden Nursery and Landscape Supply Business 
User: Carol 


"Took a while but it is not an everyday business & we finally reached the right buyer, through bsale of course"


Listing: Livestock feeding systems 
User: Graham Atkinson









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