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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Business


Investing in a business is a big decision for anyone. It's important you understand the process and what's involved. This FREE Ultimate Guide walks you through the steps to buying a business. 


Bsale has more than 20 years experience as a business for sale marketplace. We have seen thousands of businesses and franchises listed for sale and sold over the years. When it comes to buying a business you want to make sure you understand the entire process and can analyse the business correctly. Buying a business can be a very rewarding experience. You will find many business owners are constantly on the lookout for more opportunities. So if you want to buy a great business, you need to be prepared for the process and know the questions to ask. 




See Whats Inside.... 




What you can learn:


Why sellers may request a confidentiality agreement

As a buyer, how you can make an offer to purchase a business

What due diligence involves

The importance of checking the lease agreement

Whether you should have training included in the contract

The importance of involving professional assistance in buying


Do you require legal assistance in buying a business?


We understand that buying a business can be daunting. Buyers often hesitate engaging a lawyer as they feel they understand how to read business financials and what a business entails. Though, by signing a contract it legally binds you to the business, its assets and it's liabilities. The contract is usually written in favour of the seller as well, so unless you are a lawyer, you should engage a lawyer to ensure you are exactly aware of what you're signing. It could save you thousands of dollars by signing something that could be costly to your business. 


Legal vision has won multiple awards and provides cost effective legal services for businesses. They will asses the contract of sale, can assist with your offer and acceptance and help with various legal issues associated with the purchase of a business - such as reviewing supplier contracts. Bsale is primarily a marketing service for sellers, we charge no commissions for sale and we want buyers to be well educated and have access to the right services to make an informed decision. 





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